In February 2008 I, Gregor Karrer, fulfilled my heart's desire. Having worked in managerial positions in a medium-sized transport enterprise and in a corporate group, I started up my own transport company – liquidmaster Flüssigkeitstransporte. The name and logo were chosen in a conscious effort to convey to you, the customer, my own aspirations and the object of my company which is to transport liquid foodstuffs with masterly skill in terms of quality and reliability.



liquidmaster Flüssigkeitstransporte has now become firmly established on the transport market for liquid food products. We have particularly earned the trust of customers with exacting requirements with regard to the handling of their goods. Every day we deliver precious goods to their destinations with just-in-time precision, such as top-quality juice bases under sterile conditions, premium chocolate under controlled temperature conditions for producing and processing companies, and high-viscosity sugar syrups and glucose syrups in enhanced-hygiene surroundings. In order to be able to offer services in this market segment and to sustain our success, it is essential for us to find good employees and to create a working environment in which they feel settled and at home.


We embrace this challenge by hand-picking our staff carefully at local level. Each new recruit is taken through a thorough induction process on taking up employment and this is followed up by regular refresher courses on various subjects, such as hygiene, accident prevention and economical driving. Another contributory factor is our corporate culture which is based on values like honesty and openness.



Satisfied customers and a satisfied workforce come from joined-up thinking at

liquidmaster Flüssigkeitstransporte!