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 Tanker semi-trailer in stainless steel V2A EN 1.4301, divided into 2 - 4 compartments: 

  • Pressure tank 0.9 - 2.0 bar

  • Rotary piston pump, steam action, electrically operated, infinitely adjustable, with lift and press function

  • Sterile air unit with filter element

  • Individual outlets (inside diameter 100)

  • with shut-off valve and manifold

  • Sample removal point

  • All seals passed for food safety

  • Heating in transit at required
    temperature with constant
    temperature monitoring

  • Reducing adapters with milk
    screw clamp, TW tanker coupling
    and Guillemin coupling

  • Sterile bath for reducing adapters

  • 12-metre discharge hose

  • Calibration certificate and table of measurements

  • Eyelets for bonded storage and tamper-proof sealing

Semi-trailer tractors:

  • Top emission standards meeting

  • Euro 6 or EEV specifications

  • Configuration optimised for efficient consumption and weight distribution

  • Safety systems including electronic distance control with retarder and lane departure warning system

  • Compressor for (partial) pressure discharge

  • Plenty of added extras for the comfort of the drivers, such as spacious cab, cushioned seat and recliner, independent air conditioning, refrigerator and table

The telematics solution which we use allows us to keep our customers informed of the status of their consignments at any time. Firstly, we can give you exact information about the current position of the vehicle and route. Not only that, but we can access data from the vehicle tachographs and on-board electronics in order to check the remaining driving time of our personnel, for example, or to schedule servicing work. Our analysis of the telemeter data also allows us to give our drivers detailed feedback on their driving and to arrange training geared to specific needs in order to reduce the unnecessary use of resources and so minimise waste.

Liquid transportation company liquidmaster Flüssigkeitstransporte counteracts the destruction of natural resources by using state-of-the-art vehicles so as to minimise exhaust emissions, noise pollution and fuel consumption.



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